How to install Perfect Player

Requirements / Suggestions

MANDONTARY: Android Device ( Inc Fire stick’s, Fire Box’s, shields etc)
MANDONTARY: Uninstall Any version of Perfect Player even inc the version from playstore
SUGGESTION: Keyboard or Keyboard App on your Phone (quicker method for key inputs needed during instalation )


Step 1

  • On your device download, a web browser/file manager you can use any you prefer but I suggest Es File Explorer, you can download this on any device inc fire sticks,
  • on the fire device home screen scroll up to search and type in Es File Explorer download and install

Step 2

  • Open your web browser and enter the address or the short link
  • If you are using Es File Explorer navigate to favourites click add and enter the address above, I suggest the link less to type,
  • Once saved click the favourite you just added

Step 3

  • Once on the login page enter your dexter tv login details and click “Submit”
    (login details are the same details you use to login into the addon, not the details you use to login into g1hosting)

Step 4

  • Once logged in and on the list page click download “PPBCK File” this will open another page where you will click the “CLICK HERE” link (take note of the download location)
  • once downloaded do not open the file etc simply go back to the previous list page

Step 5

  • Download Perfect Player apk, for none fire devices you can click the (APK) link however for Fire Sticks Or Fire Box’s Please download The (ZIP) link
  • Once downloaded open file and launch the apk agree to install etc sit back wait a moment once installed launch the apk

Step 6

  • Once you have Perfect Player installed and launched scroll to the cog icon (settings) on the far right
  • Scroll to “Defaults” click enter,
  • Scroll to “Restore Settings” click enter
  • Now navigate to the folder where the PPBCK file is located which should be downloaded by default, It will start with your username and end in .ppbck ie “”
  • Click the ppbck file with your username and this will close Perfect Player and reload it again so sit back and don’t press anything

Step 7

  • When Perfect Player launches again wait for the top right bar to fully load before navigation once loaded enjoy